The design for the buildings utilize his clear and iconic visual vocabulary — transparency, capacious volumes of space, a sensitivity to the movement of natural light throughout the day, and sumptuous yet elemental materials.

The project is designed to maximize the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach to the East, and the skyline of downtown Miami to the West. The main courtyard between the existing Surf Club and the South Building opens out to the beach and the ocean with a series of water terraces and a swimming pool for the hotel guests. Stairs and a new ramp connect the courtyard to the gardens which are landscaped with a geometric layout of palm trees interspersed with lawns with seating areas for social activities.

The main challenge of the project is to harmonize the relationship between the existing courtyard typology of the historic Surf Club and the new vertical buildings of the residential and hotel complex surrounding the Surf Club. This is achieved through the careful calibration of architectural proportions and of functional requirements. The unifying strategy for the whole project is the consistent introduction of natural light in to the old and new buildings, and the establishment of visual corridors connecting the old and the new buildings. Further balance is achieved with the orientation of the public spaces to the surrounding landscapes and waterscapes, and with the purposeful juxtaposition of modern materials for all the new construction to the historic treatment and the renovation of existing Surf Club.

This dialogue between the old and the new will establish the Surf Club as a unique destination in the context of recent Miami developments both anchored in the cultural history of its place and in the contemporary lifestyle of Florida’s largest city. – Richard Meier


The limited edition of 12 Richard Meier Signature Penthouses.  The simplex, duplex and triplex Signature Penthouses range in size from 5400 to 7500 interior square feet and include vast amount of private outdoor terraces and recreational spaces.